A Tip To Marketing Promotional Products To On The Wall Customers

Here is a suggestion of how to market promotional products to customers that are interested, but not really sure if they can spare the money at this time for promotional products.

Inform them that many companies that cut back on advertising are overshadowed by companies that put money into promotional campaigns.   For example, brought to you by a market watch entry, Brian Ouellette, creator of the Private Label Shoewallet(TM) states:

“Initially, both Kellogg and Post were dominant in the packaged cereal industry. When the Depression hit, Post, like many other companies, cut back on advertising. Kellogg, on the other hand, doubled its ad budget and began an aggressive radio promotional campaign. By 1933, Kellogg’s profits had risen almost 30 percent, and it had become what it remains today: the industry’s predominant player. Following Kellogg’s ‘take action’ approach works. Promotional product campaigns are highly cost efficient as an action.”

With our current economical state, this may be an excellent example that those customers on the wall need to use promotional products or start a promotional campaign with your products.  More great tips and three questions about what to keep in mind to make a successful campaign can be found Here.