A More Intelligent Mobile Template

Due to some excellent suggestions, a bit of new CSS has been added to the mobile website template to make it easier for the end user.  For most handheld devices it should scale better (since the new CSS checks the device’s width, which makes it appear more intelligent).  This gets around having to zoom in just to see the site itself as with the iphone in particular was not resizing the site.  This should be more device friendly as it will attempt to constrain to the size of the screen (There are some exceptions and a couple pages that have a set width that can only get so small, but will reduce itself as low as it can go).

To use the new update you’ll need to re-use the template by going to the Templates and selecting use next to the Mobile Template – Buttons.

If you see anything that could be improved, or if you have suggestions for the mobile template, please let us know at info@distributorcentral.com.  We’ll explore the possibility and post a blog entry for anything new that we put out for the mobile template.