Favicon – Distinguishing Your Tab With Your Brand!

What is a Favicon?

It is the customized icon next to your bookmarked website and your logo on the corner of a website tab.  It’s a great way to help your site stand out among many bookmarks and tabs.  Look at how you can identify the different sites based on the tab logo:

How do you put a Favicon on your site?
First off, we would like to make it well known that for Favicons to work, we need to be hosting your domain. To make your own favicon:

  • Make a graphic 16×16 pixels in a graphics program like PhotoShop
  • Save it as a bmp file
  • Now you need a graphics program to convert the bmp to an icon.  We recommend Irfanview. Visit this link to download the program.  www.irfanview.com
  • Use the program to change the bmp image into an icon
  • Name it favicon.ico
  • Now on your DistributorCentral website: Upload to your Content Manager the favicon.ico under the Documents tab
  • Once your site is published, the Favicon icon will show up shortly after

Now you have a Favicon to display your site that gives it a bit more professionalism.