Upcomming 2012 TradeShows and Expos Through September

Here is a list of some of the upcoming trade shows and expos that you might find interesting or would like to attend with links to the details.

  • May 24th, Thursday NEPPA Showcase in Manchester, NH.  Information found here.
  • June 3rd – 6th, Atlantic City, NJ.  Click Here for details.
  • July 19th, Tuesday at McCormick Place in Chicago.
  • August 7th, at Long Beach, California.  Click Here for details.
  • August 15th, Embassy Suites Murfreesboro Hotel and Conference Center, Murfreesboro, TN.  Click Here for more information.
  • August 22nd, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.  Click Here for more information.
  • August 28th, at the Sheraton in Downtown Phoenix, AZ.  Click Here for more details.
  • August 30th, Kings Island Conference Center.  Click Here for more details.
  • September 11th, at Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlboro, MA.  Click Here for details.
  • September 13th, at Universities at Shady Grove, Rockville, MD.  Click Here for details.
  • September 18th in Chesapeake,  VA and the 20th in Richmond, VA.  Click Here for more details.