New Supplier Feature – Embed Code For Virtual Catalogs

For suppliers in DistributorCentral, we have added the embed code for the virtual catalogs.  This is similar to the embed code you would take from YouTube to display on your site.  This is an easy way to place virtual catalogs on your site where the customers can quickly view the virtual catalogs on your own website.

If you have not uploaded a catalog, you may do so by Clicking Here and following the instructions.  To obtain the embed code for a virtual catalog you have uploaded, follow the steps below.

Start by logging into DistributorCentral, on the menu bar, under ProductsUpload PDF/Virtual Catalog.

For each of the catalogs you have uploaded in DistributorCentral, below it you’ll see the embed code.  Copy the code and paste it onto your site.  If you are using a DistributorCentral site you can follow the same instructions for adding the code as the video for embedding YouTube videos Here.

You can now embed this code into your website so the virtual catalog can be on a normal webpage instead of a direct link to an outside page that has the catalog.

Here is what it looks like: