Using Links To Create Your Own Category List – for Advanced Users

You can make your own category list in DistributorCentral with some work.  This is for more advanced users and is complemented by reviewing the Advanced Written Content Features video.  This only works on custom pages, ie home page or contact us page, and will not be reflected in the product catalog area.  Additionally, it will require upkeep unlike our, Category List block that is more limited but updates well, to ensure that it remains up to date.

Here is what our “Category List” section looks like on a website.  These are our Master Categories and cannot be changed in our system.  To customize this we will have to create a series of links in a written content block.

This category list is on my home page, so I go in and edit my home page.  I want to edit the block with the “Product Category List.”

After clicking edit, I want to change the “Product Category List” to “Written Content” with the drop down on the right side of the section.  The page will refresh and you’ll see a blank text space.  If there is anything in the text box, delete it, since it works just like Word.  Now you can add a table.  To do so, click on the table icon on the middle row on the right hand side.  A popup will appear and you should change the rows to the number of categories you will put and the column to 1.  Additionally, I would suggest putting border size to zero so the outline of the table does not show up.

Now you can type in your category, highlight the words and click the link icon, which is in the middle row on the right hand side.  Put the address in the url box and click okay.  You’ll need to get this address from your website either with custom catalogs or doing a search and copying the address.

Repeat until you have put your categories in, click save, and publish your site.  Here is what one or mine looks like:

To learn more about using the written content section Click Here.