How to Brand and Manage Multiple Services and Websites

For many businesses, promotional products are an extension of what the primary service(s) may be, which more and more companies are venturing out into the promotional product world. Current Distributors are also aggressively extending their promotional product business out as well, such as providing graphic design services.

Many companies try to list all their services on just one site, which is fine, but it’s very hard to organically get those sites indexed high in the search engine results. However, if you just plan on using Adwords and pay for your ranking based on keywords, then one master site is ideal.

There is another strategy that works really well, which is creating multiple websites based on each service you offer. It starts with a base of your official company and primary service(s), which you can promote on a main website. It then stems up and branches to the other divisions and websites that promote extended services that you may offer, a few being; promotional products, graphic and logo design, screen printing and embroidery, forms, signage, etc. (see image below – click to expand).

The idea of this game is trying to find a variety of sources for your business to bring in more customers. You can have core services, but also try to have unique services as well, which can help drive traffic to your websites. Even with your core services, try to find a way to distinguish your company from competitors.

For example: One of your core services is screen printing. There are thousands of screen printers out there, and your site might not show up high general screen printing search engine results. However, you brand yourself as “The Leading Custom Hoodie Screen Printing Service”. Your site then has a greater probability of showing up higher in search engine results when people search for custom screen printed hoodies.

This same concept applies when creating target or niche websites.

For example: There are thousands of websites for Custom Signs. There are fewer websites for Custom Yard Signs. There are even fewer Custom Eco Friendly Yard Sign websites (see image above).

Branding is important for a company, especially if you’re are a conglomerate that mixes promotional products with other services. When it comes to branding your company online, it’s a good idea to link all your services. On the example referenced in the image above, each extended service references the main company, A division of Oober Marketing, Inc. Furthermore, the logos have a similar look and feel as well (separate websites can do this too). This will help your customer base easily recognize who they are doing business with.

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