Tips On Using DC’s Mobile Site Template

We have created a template for a mobile site.  This template focuses on a more user friendly mobile site.  We are unable to provide in depth support for the mobile template, since it uses CSS.  If you see some significant issues or have some information you feel may be helpful to the mobile site template, please send it to

Below you will find tips on what to keep in mind for a mobile template.  Our template can be modified like a normal website in DistributorCentral.

Getting To Your Site
You should think about creating a landing page or putting in redirect code.  You’ll want a either of those because the mobile site will be a completely different site in DistributorCentral.  A landing page/site will add a step for all users to either select a button that says mobile or one that says desktop.  The other option is adding some sort of redirect code.  The simplest one detects the screen size in pixels and redirects based off of that.  In either situation, you’ll need to link back to a desktop version, on the template you can add a link to the Desktop Button; click here for instructions on linking an image. More information and coding can be found at  

Keep your site simple.  Mobile sites thrive off simplicity.  If you have ways to simplify the site, do it.  On Mobile sites, white space is less of an issue, so don’t feel like you have to fill up every nook and cranny.  As you can see below, the template’s hompage is very simple, allowing the customer to navigate on a simple level.  Additionally when using the template, many of the preferences have been used to remove some of the clutter seen with mobile phones.

Web Address
Since you will have two sites, you will probably want to setup a subdomain in DistributorCentral.  I would suggest something like For more information about creating sub domains please follow these steps: Setting up a subdomain.

Some good sites that go over mobile design are:

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