Reports for Suppliers- Summary of Marketing Reports- New Reports added!

Here is a summary of some reports with really great marketing data available to all DistributorCentral Suppliers:

ROI Report” (Emailed Monthly and is available at the top right of your DC account)

This is a Summary of the reports that I mentioned above and includes a bit more information.

New Distributors by Month” (ROI Report- Emailed each month)

List of all new DistributorCentral Distributors for the given month.

Supplier – Viewed Items by Distributor”  (Reports Menu, scroll down ¾ of the way)

This report tells you what Distributors haved viewed your products in a given time frame. This includes if it was viewed on the website or in their DC account.

Products Added to Cart” (Reports Menu)

This report shows what products have been added to a cart either on the Distributor websites or in a Distributor account for a certain date range

Product Traffic Across DistributorCentral” (Reports Menu)

Shows your most viewed products across the entire DistributorCentral system. On Distributor websites and in Distributor accounts for a certain date range.

Product Requests” (Reports Menu)

This Report gives you a summary of all your product requests made by Distributors through the DC system in a date range

Top Keywords & Categories” (Home Page under Shortcuts)

Gives you a full list of the most searched categories and keywords in DistributorCentral and on Distributor websites.

Distributor Activity on DC” (Home Page under Shortcuts)

Lists all Distributors that have logged into their DC account in the last 90 days. Click on the Distributor name to get more information about them including contact information.

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