Utilize Facebook Social Plugins To Enhance DistributorCentral Website

Facebook Social plugins allow you to easily integrate you company fan page with your website.

 Here’s how to get started:

– First, login your Facebook account, and then access your company fan page and click on the Edit Page button (see example below).

Next, click on the Resources menu, and then on the Use social plugins link (see example below)

From here you can select the Facebook plugin that you’d like to use on your site (see example below)

You can then fill in any variable to get a desired appearance and then click on the Get Code button (see example below)

Once the code displays, you’ll want to copy both sections (see example below)…

…then you’ll want to paste the code into a Written Content area on your DC site where you want to the plugin to display, make sure that the Web Editor Preference for the Written Content area is set to Basic HTML (see example below)

There you have it…your Facebook plugin should be displaying on your DC website, make sure to Publish your changes to have the plugin display on your live site. Click here for more Facebook tips for your DC website.