Converting your Quotes to Orders- Orders to Quotes

DC offers a  feature  that allows you to convert a quote that you have created into an order. There is also another feature to convert a previous order into a new quote for a customer.

Converting a quote to an order:

-Once you have created a new quote, (click here to learn more about creating quotes) you can convert the quote by going to the top right of the quote area and opening the drop down menu next to “What would you like to do?”

-Here find Convert to Order and hit Go

-You have just converted this quote to an order.

Remember that this eliminates the quote and makes that Quote number the new order number.

Converting an order to a quote:

allows you to convert and existing order back into a quote where you can then have your customer review and confirm before committing to an actual order.

– First, look up your previous order in your DistributorCentral account

–  Then click on the Reorder button on the right side of the page

– From here, you can indicate the order type; An exact reorderA reorder with changes, or Rework of previous order (see description of these below), and then select the check box for Convert Reorder into Quote 

– Then click on the Create Reorder button (see example image below)

– From here, you can revise the quote if you like, and then click on the Finish button officially save the quote, where you can then send it to your customer…if you customer approves the quote, you can then convert that quote back into an order. (see above)