How to remove pricing from your website.

The DistributorCentral product catalog does include the standard retail pricing offered by each Supplier for products. Each Supplier does have the responsibility to update and maintain that pricing data. DistributorCentral also asks each Supplier to honor the pricing. There are some Distributors that still prefer not to offer the price at all on their website. This can be turned off using “Website Preferences”. You should note that if you turn off your pricing, you are also turning off the ordering process or shopping cart for your site.

This is a preference that is set in your “Website Preferences” area.

1. Go to Websites MenuAdd/Edit Websites.

2. Under “Websites List“, find your website and click on “Preferences” to the right.

3. First click on “Searching” and find the preference called “Display price range in search results?”. Set it to “Never” and Save on the top right.

4. Then go to “Orders” in the menu on the left and find the preference titled “Display order button on your website?” and set that to “No“. Then Save on the top right.

5. Now click on “Catalog” in the menu on the left and find the preference titled “Display pricing on individual catalog pages?” and set that to “Never”

6. Scroll down to one final preference in the same section (the Catalog section) titled “Show Options Tab?” and set that to “No” then Save at the top right of the page.

5. Now click on “Published” link at top center and then click on “Publish New Changes”.

This will remove pricing and remove the ordering option from your website in DC. Customers will be able to view the products and research but they will not know the cost.