PayPal Payment Methods for your Websites’s Shopping Cart

You have three options in DistributorCentral with integrating PayPal to collect payments from your customers.

PayPal – Collect Info Only
PayPal – Real-Time Merchant Processing
Credit Card – PayPal Payflow Pro Merchant Account Processing

You should only select to use one of the PayPal payment methods for your website’s shopping cart.


PayPal – Collect Info Only
This option would allow your customers during the ordering process on your website, to indicate to pay you using PayPal. If your customer chooses this option, it’s setup so that you can invoice your customer using PayPal, or you can create an invoice within your DistributorCentral account and the customer can click on the “Pay online now” link in the invoice, where they can then pay you through PayPal.

Click here for specific instructions on how to integrate the PayPal – Collect Info Only method with your DistributorCentral account.


PayPal – Real-Time Merchant Processing
If you want to give the customer the ability to Pay through PayPal during the order process, then the PayPal – Real-Time Merchant Processing would prompt the customer to pay during the ordering process, so you’d receive the funds in your PayPal account once you get the order, as opposed to having to invoice the customer after you receive the order. You need to have the Billing contact email address in your DistributorCentral account set as the same email address you have setup for your PayPal account.
To do this:
– Go to the Account menu and select Account Maintenance
– Click on the Contacts tab
– Next, if you don’t have a Billing contact setup, click on Add Similar or on the Add New Contact button and setup a Billing contact making sure to use the same email address that you have setup with your PayPal account.

The main difference here, is that PayPal – Collect Info Only, allows you to verify the order and make sure everything checks out on your end, where you can make modifications to the order prior to officially invoicing the customer and colleting payment. PayPal – Real-Time Merchant Processing, would collect the payment from the customer at the time that they place the order. If you needed to make adjustment to the order (such as artwork, shipping charge, tax, etc.), you’d have to make the adjustments and send your customer an invoice for the outstanding balance.

So the premise is if you want to verify the order before actually charging the customer, you’d want to do PayPal – Collect Info Only. if you have set products on a site that you feel would not need to be adjusted once you receive an order, then PayPal – Real-Time Merchant Processing might be a good fit.

Click here for more information on integrating the PayPal – Real-Time Merchant Processing payment method.


Credit Card – PayPal Payflow Pro Merchant Account Processing
This is considered a Payment Gateway that works as an extension to your merchant account, similar to Authorize.Net. If you choose this payment type, you’d be prompted to setup your Payflow credentials in your DistributorCentral account. The shopping cart on your website will default to automatically pre-authorize the customer’s credit card during the ordering process to make sure that the payment is available for the amount of the order. Then you will be able to verify the order and settle the payment from inside your DistributorCentral account, where the payment would also show a record of the settled payment within your Payflow account.

Click here to review other payment methods that you can use for the shopping cart on your DistributorCentral website.