Paypal Integration with the DC Shopping Cart!

You can now allow your customers to pay you via Paypal when they order a product from your DistributorCentral website.

You can set this up by following these simple steps:

  1.  Log in to your DC account
  2. Go to Account Menu> Payment> Payment Setup
  3.  Here Select “Paypal -Real-Time Merchant Processing” by moving it to the right box as a selected payment
  4.  Once you Save your changes, you will be reverted to a page where you will enter in your Paypal associated email

Once this is done, the customer will be taken directly to PayPal upon clicking the “finish” button on the final order page. From there they can pay via PayPal or by standard credit card (if the recipient/Distributor has a “business” PayPal account).

Once the payment is completed, the Customer is reverted back to the Distributor’s website.

Distributors will get the order notification email and receive the order in their DC account whether the Customer completes the payment at PayPal or not.

If a payment is successfully posted at Paypal, that payment record will have the transaction id listed with it in the payment list for the order.

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