Suppliers – Host your website with DistributorCentral!

Did you know that you have a website editor available to you with your existing Supplier account in DC at no extra charge?

Your product data is already here and that information will flow into the website you design. There is no need to update your information in multiple places, just use DistributorCentral.

Here is a demo site:
Our easy-to-use website creation software is incredibly versatile and will accommodate the needs of users with no website design experience and professionals with years of website design knowledge. This simple demo website only uses the design tools that are included with your account, and shows how you can create a website to represent and market your line of products in the DistributorCentral program without the need of a professional website designer though you can utilize advanced website design with our editor as well. We also provide domain and email hosting at no additional charge. 

Your site would only display Retail formatted pricing, however, it would be equipped with a login feature where industry Distributors would be able to sign in an view your Net pricing. Furthermore, your website will be equipped with a shopping cart feature, where Distributors can also order your products online. If you would like to see this functionality, you can login to this site using testdcdistributor as the Username and Password.

When you setup your products and create your website in DistributorCentral, you consolidate your product information in one centralized location, which takes the hassle away from having to update and maintain multiple product databases. For example, if you update your products in your DistributorCentral account, it updates that product information not only on your website, but it also on 1000’s of Distributor websites which are being hosted by DistributorCentral (click here for an example). Furthermore, you can export your DistributorCentral product information in Excel or XML format which can be used by other industry service providers.