Exporting Contact Information for Outlook

You can export your Customers from your DistributorCentral database to import into your Outlook software if needed. You can also import contacts to your DistributorCentral account. This report makes your Customer data available for any other software that allows import as well.

To export Customers from DistributorCentral:

1. Once logged into your DistributorCentral account, click on Reports Tab

2. Here, find the “Customer List” report and click on it.

3. Now select the fields that you would like to include in your report and select “Submit” at the bottom.

(if you are exporting for your email program, you will only need the basic fields like Name, Email, Address)

4. Select “View” to the right of the report that you just created

5. Now you can change your parameters at the top of the page.

First set your start and end date to pull your customers

Then set the contact type (usually the main contact)

Then Select “yes” for Active accounts

6. Now select “View Report”

7.  Now you can export the report in csv format by selecting csv from the format drop down and select “Export” to save it to your computer

8. Now go to your Outlook software and select “File > Import/Export” to import your contacts to your Outlook Software.

To Import Customers to DistributorCentral:

Distributors can send their customer lists to info@distributorcentral.com along with the account number to import the customers. DC can bulk import those contacts for you.

The excel file that you send should include these fields in different columns which are clearly defined:
Customer name
Street address