Exporting Product Information for other Service Providers

Suppliers, did you know that you can export the product information that you have entered into DistributorCentral and send it to your other service providers? This is one way we are helping you maintain product information in one place!

This eliminates the need for double entry of your information. Just enter your products once into DistributorCentral and you will not need to spend any more time and labor on this again for other providers.

Here is how you export your product information:

1. Log into your DC account and hover over “Product Data Export” Menu and click on “Excel Data Export”

2. The next screen you will see is this one below:

Here you will select the “Additional Fields” that you want to include in your export, double check your Email address to send the file to and select “Save File

Now you will receive an email with a link to download this file from DC.

This spreadsheet will include all of your product information. You can also export your Option and Choice information to send to Service Providers if needed by going to “Products” Menu and Add/Edit Options or Add/Edit Choices.