Free Email Hosting For Your Domain

You already may know that DistributorCentral provides free domain name hosting for websites that you create in DistributorCentral, but we’ll also host your email at no charge as well!

You can have as many email accounts and addresses as you like, for example, if you have ten employees, you can set each one up with their own mailbox.

As far as checking and composing your email:
– You can use our webmail application, which will be located in your DistributorCentral account once you setup your email account(s)
– You can have it setup to automatically forward to a current email account that you already have (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)
– You can configure a desktop email application (i.e. Outlook, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, etc.) to check your email
– You can also configure your mobile device (i.e. BlackBerry, iPhone, Andriod, etc.) to checkyour email

Setting up your email is easy! Just follow these steps, or watch the short video below to learn how.


– Go to the Websites menu in your account and select Domain Names
– Here, your domain name will be listed and you can see a column titled Main Email, if you don’t see the word Yes in the Main Email column, click on Use This Domain
– When the Main Email column shows Yes, click on the Add Mailboxes button
– Next, locate the User account that you want to create an mailbox for (most likely the first one would be your Admin Account), and click on the Edit link for that account (you’ll need a Add A New User to setup separate email accounts)
– On the following page, enter in the email address that you would like to use in the Email Address field, and then click on Save
– Click the Setup Email link or on the Email Manager tab
– Confirm the email address and then click on the Setup Email button

Thats it! From this point you can add additional email addresses for the mailbox. You can also add new Users, and repeat this process to setup separate email accounts.

Click here if you want more info on domain hosting.