How To Create Preferred Supplier Catalogs for Your Website

DistributorCentral makes it easy for you to specify which Supplier’s products that would like to display on your website.

When creating Preferred Supplier Catalogs, you can either select the Suppliers that you would like for their products to display, or you can exclude certain Suppliers whos products that you do not want to display on your site.

Here’s how to do this:
– Go the the Products Menu and select Manage My Catalogs– Select Manage My Catalogs
– Click the Add New Catalog button
– Name your catalog (which can always be changed)
– Change the Catalog Type setting to Preferred Supplier Catalogs
– Check either Include or Exclude Selected Suppliers and choose active and display dates if you like
– Click Save and Add Products
– Select the Suppliers you want to include/exclude. They’re sorted by the first letter of the company name. Click Save after adding Suppliers from each letter group
– Click the Update button, and then click on the Add Catalog to My Website button.

– Here, you can now remove the default All Products Catalog, so that the Preferred Supplier Catalog will be the only catalog on your website
– Click Save
– Go the the Publisher page and the click on Publish New Changes

You can watch a short presentation below for specific instuctions on how to create Preferred Supplier Catalogs.