Offer Discounts and Promotions on Your Website’s Shopping Cart!

Due to the high volume of requests, DistributorCentral now has the ability to offer discounts and promo codes to the DC shopping cart.

There are many different methods of discounts available as well:

  • Offer a percentage discount if your customer order totals more than a given amount
  • Offer a fixed discount if your customer order totals more than a given amount
  • Offer a discount on freight costs by percentage or a flat rate
  • Offer a promo code type of discount by percentage or flat rate and other ways as well 

To utilize this new feature:

1. Log into your DC account at

2. Then Go to Accounts Menu> Discounts

3. Now click on “Add New Discount

4. Fill in the Discount Name (this will show on the order) and fill in the other fields including a start and end date and hit “Save

Note: you can have the discount available on all of your DC websites or only on one of them as well. This is available when you are creating your discount but can be changed at any time.

5. Now that you have created your Discount, you will set up your discount rules

6. First, click on “Add New Trigger” on the top right

a. Enter your trigger. A trigger is what will cause the discount to happen or the “trigger” of your discount. This can be based on a variable which could be a coupon code, the freight total, the grand total, or the product total.

b. Then you will enter your “Operator” and your “Trigger Value“. Trigger Value is the $ amount that “triggers” the discount or the Coupon code that must be entered.

c. Save that Trigger at the bottom

7. Now, click on “Add New Effect” in the lower right hand side of the discount page

a. Enter the “Variable.” This could be the freight total, grand total, or product total. This variable is what is effected by the trigger that you set earlier.

b. Now you will enter the “Effect” and the “Effect Value“. The Effect is what happens when the discount is triggered. This could be a percentage, flat rate, set value, or flat discount. The Effect Value is the $ amount or the percentage of discount that is given when triggered.

c. Save that Effect at the bottom

You can add multiple triggers and multiple effects if needed to each discount you enter.

This discount will be available for your customers on your website during the date range that you specified when you created the discount. It will show as a line item on the purchase order above the order total as well.

Discount example:

In this example, a Distributor is offering a coupon code percentage discount to any customer who saw his ad in the local paper.

This is how it is set up in DC:

Trigger Variable – Coupon Code

Trigger Operator – Equal to

Trigger Value – News (the code to be entered by the customer)


Effect Variable – Grand Total

Effect – Percentage Discount

Effect Value – 15 (for 15%)

This is how it looks to the Customer during the order:

When you set up the discount as a promo code, the customer will see this on the same page that they select their payment method on at the end of the order.

If it is just a discount based on an order total, the customer will not see anything regarding the discount until the end of the order.

The Discount code will display for the Distributor in the Order Summary:

We hope that this new feature will help you with your advertising and marketing campaigns!

-DC Team