How To Create a “Customized Featured Product” Website

There have been many requests for customized product websites recently. So we thought that we would offer a “How To” guide for creating your very own Featured Product Website in DC.

We recently added more features to make it even easier for you to customize products for your website.

There are many advantages in creating a site that is featuring only one or only a few customized products:

  • Search Engine Optimization is easier
  • No searching required for your customers
  • No confusion over the order process
  • Marketing is easier
  • and more!

So here it is:

1. Pick out a product or type of product to feature on your site.

a. To get started, decide the who, what, where, and how of your future site. This could also be considered the logistics of the site. This is usually the boring part where you lay out your plans.


2. Now you will need to create a fulfillment account in your main DC account:

a. Log in to your DC account at

b. Go to Products Menu > My Products (Fulfillment Account)

c. Once in the account Fulfillment Account, go to Products Menu > Add / Edit Products

d. Click on “Add Similar from Supplier Product” link on the bottom right

e. Pick the Supplier and the product that you are going to feature on your website

f. Now change the Product name and number and Save the product at the bottom.

g. You can now customize this product by changing the pricing, the description, the image and so on to match your needs.

Click here to view detailed information regarding  how Fulfillment Accounts work, and how to setup up your own products. 


3. Create your website

a. Log into your MAIN DC account and go to Websites Menu> Add/Edit Websites

b. Scroll down to the Pre-Made Templates and select the template titled “Customized Featured Product” Template by selecting “Use” to the right









c. Name the template and Create the website

d. Now Click on Product Catalogs and Click “Add/Remove Catalog” at the top right. Find your Fulfillment account catalog from the box on the left and move it to the right and Save. Now hit “Save Changes” again at the bottom of the next page.

 e. Now continue customizing the website by uploading your logo and switching out the product on the home page with your product.

1. Go to  Add/Edit Pages and click on “Edit” next to the Home page. Change the Supplier field to the default selection with no Supplier name selected and enter in your exact item number in the Product field. Then hit “Search” and “Save” at the bottom.

Learn more about editing your website here:

f. Now Publish your Changes under the Publisher section

g. Now you can purchase a domain name and map it to your new site to market to your customers. See this guide to learn about adding a domain name:

You can repeat these steps to create other websites as well or you can add more “Featured Product” blocks to the website to feature more products too.

Good Luck!

DC Team