New Feature: Use Compare Tab to Create Custom Catalogs

Most of you know about the “Compare” feature that DistributorCentral offers while doing product searches. With this feature you could previously create collections, create an email flyer and quotes of multiple products. Now, you can also create a custom catalog to add to your DistributorCentral website in the same way!

To create a custom catalog using the “Compare” feature:

1. Login to your DistributorCentral account

2. Go to Products Menu> Product Search

3. Now do a search for the first product that you would like. (ex: type “Magnets” in the keyword search area)

4. You will see “Compare” under each product to the right. Click on that “Compare” link to start collecting your products. As you click on each product, the “Compare” tab will accumulate those products. Feel free to do additional searches, the system will save the products you have already compared. You will be limited to 75 products total for your catalog.

5. Once you have compared all of your products, Click on the “Compare” tab above the Product search area on the right side.

6. Now select “Create Custom Catalog” button from the bottom right.

7. You will now have the opportunity to rename your catalog.

8. Then select “Update” and then “Add catalog to my website”. If you have multiple websites, you will be asked to choose which website that you would like to add the catalog to.

9. Now click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

10. Click on “Publisher” at the top right of the Website Editor and then click on “Publish New Changes”. You should start to see your catalog on your Product Catalog page of your website within 15 minutes.

You can also see this blog entry below for more information about our “Compare” feature.