Market Your Products on Your FaceBook Fan Page!

DistributorCentral has created a FaceBook application that allows you to advertise products directly from your company’s FaceBook Fan Page.

Here’s how:

1 – Create a Fan Page for your Company in FaceBook
– Skip these steps below if you have already created a Fan Page in FaceBook
– Login to your FaceBook account, and then click on the Ads and Pages tab
– Next, select the Create Page link
– From this point, setup and customize your FaceBook fan page to your liking
Click here for further information on creating FaceBook fan pages

2 – Add the Application to your FaceBook Fan Page
– Next, while logged in to both your FaceBook account and your DistributorCentral account, click or go to the URL below
– Then click on the Click here to add this to your Facebook page link
– On the next page, click on the Add to my Page tab (see image below)
– Then click on the Add to Page button in the pop-up window

3 – Add the Application to your FaceBook Fan Page.
– While still logged in to both your DistributorCentral and FaceBook Account, go your fan page for your business, and click on the Edit Page button in the upper right portion of the page (see image below)

– Click on the Apps tab on  the left side of the page
– Scroll down the page until you see the DistributorCentral application, and then click on the Go to App link (see image below)

– Next, click on the dropdown menu on the following page which will show all of the available website pages that you have created in you DistributorCentral account (If it does not show this, then make sure you are logged in to our DistributorCentral account while in this are in your FB account)
– Select the page that you would like to display, and then click on Save (We suggest that you select a website page that you are featuring products on, see image below)

You will now have a Products tab on your FaceBook Fan Page that will display the content on the website page that you have chosen to advertise (see example below).



Here’s instructions on how we suggest to setup a page on your DistributorCentral website to use the FaceBook application:
– Go to your Websites menu and select Add/Edit Websites
– Edit your website, and go the Add/Edit Pages area
– Select to add a Custom Page to your website
– Name the page, and select to not have the page link display on the website (see image below)

– Next, setup blocks to use the Feature Products tool
– We suggest using the 4 across block layout and using the featured product tool in the first three sections, leaving the fourth section blank (see image below)

– When using the Featured Product tool, select “Small” for the image size and indicate to have the Width set to 20% (see image below)
– Repeat this process to add as many featured products as you like

– Finally, publish your website, and then follow the steps at the beginning of this blog entry to add this page to your FaceBook Fan Page. The products page on your FaceBook Fan page should then look similar to the example below.