Add your Logo to your Invoices!

Distributors, you now have the capability to add your logo to invoices that are sent from the DistributorCentral system to your customers.

You first add your logo by going to:

Account Menu> Misc> Customize Admin

Here you will be able to browse and upload your logo.

 Note the requirements that you logo must meet:

  1. 72 dpi
  2. rgb mode
  3. 250 x 50 pixels or less
  4. file name must be logo.jpg

Now you can set the preference to use this logo for your invoices:

1. Go to Account Menu> Preferences> Account Preferences

2. Click on the Invoice section on the left

3. Select “Admin Logo” under the PreferenceWould you like to display your logo on your invoice?”

4. Save the preference

Note:You can also utilize the image that you have uploaded for your quotes by selecting that option in the preference.

Currently, this is only available for Distributors and only on the Invoice.