New Feature! Save Product Research Collections

DistributorCentral added another new feature for Distributors!

Most will be familiar with our Compare feature where you can create presentations for multiple products. If you aren’t yet, check out this blog:

Now that you know all about comparing products, there is a way to save each of your collections. Just give them a name and they are always going to be under the Product Search area.

This is very helpful when researching for a client, just name your selected products by the project or the customer name.

You can also use this to create a collection of your best sellers or your recommended products so that you can go back to these time and time again to refer your customers and offer suggestions.


Let’s say I have a list of 10 best selling mugs. Once I have done the “leg work” once and selected those products in DC that I feel are the best, I will just save the collection as “Best Mugs” or something similar. Then I can do the same for any other types of products or industries that I work with. Now when my customer calls and says, “I need some mugs, what do you suggest?”… I have those ready to go.

This WILL save you time!

How to:

  1. Once you have compared a list of products (try to keep it under 12 or so), Click on the Compare tab
  2. Now select, “Save Collection”
  3. Name the Collection appropriately and you’re done.

Any time that you need to reference this again:

  1.  Go to your DC account
  2.  Login
  3. Click on Products Menu> Product Search