Product Research Part 4 – NEW! Searching catalogs, emails and websites

Product Research Part 4 – Now when you do a search in your DistributorCentral account, you are also searching archived Virtual Supplier Catalogs, Supplier Email Blasts AND Supplier Websites – all while doing 1 search in DC!

To do this, just do a normal search in your account:

  1. Log in at
  2. On the Home page, do a keyword search
  3. Hit Go

Here you will see the search results page, but you will see other tabs as well across the top of the search results.

The Products tab is our traditional search that searches the Products in DistributorCentral set up by our Suppliers. These have a shopping cart  and include all charges.

The Categories tab is a full list of every Category that a product is associated with in this search.

The Suppliers Tab lists all the Suppliers that have products that matched this search. This also includes a map to see the location of each Supplier.

Virtual catalogs tab allows you to research all of the virtual catalogs loaded in our system from any Supplier in the industry that match your search criteria.

Email Blasts tab works also allows you to research the indexed email blasts uploaded by any Supplier in the industry to our system.

The Supplier Websites tab gives you Supplier websites that match your search to help aid in product research.

The addition of these new search features was done as an aid to help with product research.