Suppliers- Do you have a Virtual Catalog?

Did you know that you can create a virtual catalog on DC as a Supplier?

You can upload your catalogs directly to your account under Products Menu> Upload PDF/Virtual catalogs.

The requirements for a PDF catalog are:

1. File must be a PDF

2. File must be smaller than 100 mb in size for Virtual Catalog use

(Please note that for DC to index your catalog for product searches, you will need to upload a file smaller than 30 mb. Most Suppliers are uploading the complete catalog for Virtual catalog purposes and then also separating their catalog into sections to be indexed in product searches and uploading them as separate files in this same area)

3. File should also be about 72 dpi resolution

Follow these steps to upload and get a link to your catalog that you uploaded:

1. Login to your DC account at

2. Go to Products Menu> Upload PDF/Virtual Catalogs

3. Click on Add New Virtual Catalog on the right

4. Enter in the Name that you would like to display for the catalog, a start and end date if needed, and click Browse.

5. Find the file on your computer and click Upload. It could take some time to upload depending on file size.

6. Then click on Save.

7. Now you will see that the file is listed on the PDF/Virtual Catalogs page. Under the catalog, click on Direct Link. This will generate the link that you would use to add the virtual catalog to your website. Copy the link in the address bar.