Easy Website Editing Option Available!

There is a  feature offered that would allow you to edit your website while in “Preview” mode rather than going directly into the website editor.

You can try this by following these steps below:

  1. Log into your DistributorCentral account
  2. Go to Website Menu> Add/Edit Websites
  3. Click on Edit to the Right of your website
  4. Here at the top right you will see a new Preview link. It will say “Edit/Preview



When your Preview window opens, you can hover your mouse over your content and it will turn yellow. If you click on any of that content, the system will open up the website editor to the area where you can make that change.

When you save that change, the editor window will close and the preview will refresh automatically.


Remember to Publish Your Changes.

Watch the short video below to learn how to quickly create your own website.