Attention Suppliers / Important Info Regarding Your PDF Catalogs

Suppliers, you can now upload your PDF catalogs so that they display when Distributors conduct keyword searches in DistributorCentral.


Here’s how to upload your PDF catalogs in your DC account
– Go to the Products Menu and select Upload PDF Catalogs
– Click on the Add New Catalog link
– Indicate your Catalog Name, Display Start and End Dates, then browse your computer to select the file to upload (see image below)

Upload Catalog

Important Info In Regards To Uploading Your PDF Catalogs
• The maximum file size that you can upload is 30MB. If your catalog is larger than 30MB, you’ll need to separate it into several parts and upload them individually.

Be sure that you do not convert the text in your PDF catalog to outlines. If you do this, the keywords for your catalog will not be able to be indexed when searched for in DistributorCentral.