Universal Credit Applications

As a Distributor, you can download a Universal Credit Application from your account, fill it out, and upload it for Suppliers to view in DistributorCentral.

This might allow you to spend less time filling out seperate suppliers credit information and more time selling promotional products.
Please remember that all Suppliers do reserve the right to ask for their own application but you may also let them know that you have uploaded a general application to your DistributorCentral Account for them to view. As more Distributors fill this Universal Application out and upload it, more Suppliers will use it.
Below are directions to find this application in your DistributorCentral Account:
1. Log in to DistributorCentral
2. Go to the Account Tab
3. Select Account Maintenance
4. Move to the lower section of this page to “Edit” beside State Sales Tax Numbers

5. At the top of the next screen you will see the UPIC Universal Credit Application available to download
6. Click on the document link “Upic Universal Credit Application

7. You will select to Save it to your computer
8. After it has downloaded, you can open it with Microsoft Word to enter in your information
9. When you are finished, save the document
10. Move back to DistributorCentral and follow directions #1-4 to get back to the page where you found the Credit Application.
11. Now you will Click Browse and find your updated application on your desktop and hit Save directly below.

You have now uploaded your General Credit Application to your DistributorCentral Account!