Don’t Forget To Setup Payment Methods For Your Website

Your DistributorCentral website comes with a shopping cart that allows your customers to place orders directly to you. Be sure to setup the payment methods you want to have available in your shopping cart for your customers to choose from.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Account Menu, then select Payment >> Payment Setup

2. Next, select the payment methods you would like to have available for your shopping cart and then click on Save.

3. Test your settings by going to the live version of your website and placing a test order for any product. The payment methods you specifed should show up midway though the ordering process (63%).
DistributorCentral does not process any order payments for you. Payments between you and your customer, and between you and the supplier are separate. The payment information that your customer provides would need to be processed by you. You would then need to also provide your payment information separately to the supplier.
Here is more information regarding the payment setup area in your DistributorCentral account:
Bill to Account – This is the default payment method if you do not specify anything. It represents that you will invoice your customers for the order.
Credit Cards – If you have an Authorize.Net account and would like to electronically process credit card transactions, choose “Credit Card – Merchang Account”. After clicking on Save, you will then be prompted to enter your merchant account gateway information.
For basic Merchant account holders, select “Credit Card – Collect info only – no processing”. This will allow you to securely collect your customer’s credit card information and process it manually.
Purchase Order Number – Select this option if you customer will provide a purchase order against which you will generate an invoice.
Check / Money Order – Select this option if you accept payment via check or money order.
PayPal – This option will allow your customer to indicate that he or she will pay you via PayPal. This option is not automatically integrated into the transaction; your customer will receive an order confirmation that shows your email address, to which they will be required to send payment.
Bill to Department Number – Select this option if you will invoice a specific department.