New Feature: “Virtual” invoice stuffers

Have you ever wanted to include stock verbiage, a link to a special offer, a link to an online survey, or other marketing information intended to encourage repeat business from your customers when you send them an invoice?

Our new invoice email boilerplate language preference lets you do just that – it’s your virtual “invoice stuffer” and more! Links and text can easily be dropped into the html emails that you send when you invoice your customers, and with a little html work you can generate coupons or other promotional pieces that will capture your customer’s attention when they open your electronic invoices.

To get started, you first need to add the information that you’d like to include to your account preferences. Go to Account >> Preferences >> Account Preferences, then select the “Invoices” category.

In this case we used a little HTML to create a “coupon” look and feel and included an image that is currently hosted on our website, but you can use straight text or create a hyperlink to keep things simple.

Once you’ve saved your entry, that information will appear on any invoices that you send from the DistributorCentral order management system!

Sample email received by customer:

It’s that easy – give it a try!