Website Tips and Reference Sites

With DistributorCentral, there’s no excuse for not having a website for your customers to use.
DistributorCentral allows you to create custom websites for your business with a built-in product catalog and shopping cart. There is no limit to how many pages you can have or what you can put on your site. We have free online training seminars and support to help you build your site, but the design work is up to you and your imagination. DistributorCentral will also host your domain name and your email at no charge.

Below are links to reference sites that have been created using the DistributorCentral web creation software, ranging from simple to advanced.

Simple Demo Website – No HTML Used

Intermediate Demo Website – No HTML Used

Advanced Demo Website Using HTML & Domain Name Hosting

Demo Niche Website – No HTML Used

SupplierReference & Educational Site

If you haven’t already, we heavily suggest that you place a few orders to yourself from your website to get a good understanding of how the system works.

Here is a good site for general website design:

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