New Feature: Product / Catalog Link Generator

A link generator tool has been added to the catalog/websites area of DistributorCentral to allow you to quickly create a collection of products that can be added as a link to your website or sent via email to your customer.

When using the internal search engine within DistributorCentral look for the “Generate / Send Link to Products” feature.

With just a few pieces of information you can quickly create a link to a custom set of products, whether based on a particular keyword search, a selection of products from your favorite suppliers, or particular theme catalog that you have created, you can add your new link to your website or instantly email it to a client.

Once your link is created you can preview the link and see exactly what your customer will see.

Log into your DistributorCentral account and check out this powerful new feature. For assistance in using the link generator see the help file available from the link generation tool.